Is Litchi able to work with Phantom 4 pro v2 plus controller in the near future?

I am unable to get the Litchi app to work with my Phantom 4 Pro V2 plus controller. It will not connect to my aircraft. Is Litchi going to work on this or is it a lost cause?

According to Litchi, it should work:

Litchi is compatible with: Mini 2, Mini SE, Air 2S, Mavic Mini 1, Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 (Zoom/Pro), Mavic (Air/Pro), Phantom 4 (Standard/Advanced/Pro/ProV2), Phantom 3 (Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional)

If it is not connecting, it must be a problem with your setup. Have you tried the standard things like a different cable or a different flying device?

According to Litchi, it is Not:

I have tried a different device. I am wondering since it doesn’t not say the Plus version that it will not work on it.

Awesome, thank you. I appreciate the help.