Is it possible to start the flight from the part I marked?

Yes. When you load a mission then start it, you will see a pop-up asking which Waypoint to start the mission. Obviously, the default start point is Waypoint #1, but you can type in any waypoint of the loaded mission, then start from there.

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While, as Sam said, you can specify the starting waypoint when executing a mission, you circled the last waypoint in that mission. If you wanted to execute that mission from the last waypoint, what is it you expect the drone to do?

Are you looking to fly the mission in reverse? Are you planning to add additional waypoints to that mission? More information is required to fully answer your question.

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I apologize for the lack of explanation, yes, I mean I started the flight from the bottom (no 125) then photographed towards 124 and so on…
then ended at number 2 then RTH

and if the drone battery runs out at number 85, then I change the battery, will it continue to take photos from number 85 to 84 and so on.

You can set the Finish Action to ‘Reverse’. Here is the info from the Litchi Help site.

Finish Action : Choose an action that the aircraft will perform at the end of the mission. Available choices are “None”, “Go Home” (“RTH” on iOS), “Land”, “Back to First Waypoint” (“Back to 1st” on iOS) and “Reverse”. When using “Reverse”, the only way for the mission to end is if you manually stop it, “Reverse” allows you to let the aircraft fly to the last waypoint and then replay the mission in reverse using the joysticks or the cruising speed slider.

But if the battery runs out at #85 on the Reverse path and you change battery, then restart at #85 (or any other point) the mission will fly forward.

You could use the Virtual Litchi Mission (desktop program) which has a ‘Reverse the current mission’ option to create a separate mission. One mission forward, the other reverse.