Iphone Xs Max issue with litchi;

The iphone works with the DJI app but when I connect to the litchi App the position of the aircraft moves in a straight line even though it is stationary on the ground. I also fail to get a video feed from the camera. The fault must lie in the litchi App as it works OK in the DJI app
Any suggestions please

Are you saying that you see the drone icon shown in the map view in Litchi moving before you even start flying? Is it moving to or from your location?

I use an iPad Mini 5 and an iPhone 13 Pro and haven’t experienced either of the things you mentioned.

Try check that location services is turned on in your iphone for Litchi…

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HI. Yes it is the drone icon on the mao that is moving and was moving consistently away in a straight line. LOcations servies were permitted. I have deleted the app and reinstalled and it seems to have cured the problem but ia feel a little uneasy as I am not sure i will have control. Will have to try some really short flights first.