iPad Pro 11”, litchi and dji go for inspire 1

Need help, I recently purchased a new iPad Pro 11” (2021) to replace my iPad Pro 10.5 inch. Now my controller will not connect to either dji go or litchi, and by extension, I cannot connect to the inspire 1 (no telemetry or vision). I heard this might be an issue with dji go (v3) but didn’t expect it to happen with litchi. Does any one know if it’s a cable issue I’ve tried various cables, including a genuine dji usb a to usb c cable) or a protocol issue that requires the apps to be updated?

Note: It works on an iPhone 13 pro so it’s not iOS that’s the issue?

If it is an ipad pro with the new M1 chip, that is probably a protocol issue… Unfortunately there is not much we can do if the iPad does not recognize the remote at all, DJI would have to add compatibility but that’s unlikely for older drones like Inspire 1.

Thx, I suspected as much.

I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to post that my iPad Air fifth gen WAS working a few months ago - (6-2023) now it’s not, but iPhone SE 3rd gen does work. I’d like to roll the DJI GO app back, but who knows if that’s the issue. Ugh.

Thanks, but it’s since been discovered with the newer iPads, it’s a hardware issue, it’s not software. Dji go hasn’t been updated in ages, it may just be your iPad has an issue? Try a full wipe and setup as new.