IOS Mavic Mini 2 ipad5 Map issue

Today updated litchi for ios… I’m using ipad mini 5 and iphone 11. Iphone is fine but in map view on ipad mini5 when I load a waypoint missions into the app I’m getting extended lines from the location where i set the mission (my home) to the beginning of the waypoint mission AND back to my home after the last point in the mission. Very disconcerting…

ANy ideas or help?

Can you put up a screenshot ?

There’s a screenshot on my original post but here it is again if you can’t see it, thanks

You did start Litchi with the drone turned on, connected and homepoint set.
Even when you turn off the drone and remote, this homepoint will be remembered as long as the Litchi app is running.

You can test this by setting the ‘Finish Action’ to something other than RTH. The line from the last waypoint to the homepoint will then dissapear.

Restart Litchi and the lines will be gone.

The same (2 lines) would have happened on any smart device (under the same circumstances).

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No, it’s not. I wrote about this in another thread.

This will happen if you draw a mission in a smartphone when the drone is turned on. Or if after flying through the mission, click “save”. Then you can go to another place and load the mission, the home point will be on the map and the blue dot “smartphone” will be at your location. And there will be such long green lines.

I can even say more, even the simulator will refuse to start until you move the points to each other.

This is definitely a bug

If the developer wanted to give the function to set the home point and the start point, then it was necessary to do this as a separate function.

It would be nice to set the home point manually