iOS does not have options to save C1/C2 keys depending on mission type?

So this is really annoying. I was using an android phone but the display is so small that massaging mission parameters onsite is a massive pain.

So I bought Litchi for an iPad Air 4 running the current version of iOS (15.something IIRC, just downloaded Litchi onto it today, so current version there too), and unlike the Android App, there appears to be no way to set different C1/C2 values depending on the type of Mission (FPV vs Waypoint vs Focus etc etc). I only see the option for a blanket C1/C2 and Long Press C1/C2. I like C1/C2 in FPV to be AE Lock/Center AF.

This is extremely annoying! Is Litchi just worse on iOS than Android? I am regretting the iPad purchase now…should have gone with an Android tablet I guess. I guess I can use Long Press C1/C2 as Waypoint at drone and POI at drone, but only having access to 4 presets across the board unless I go into the settings and change it is pretty darn lame. For instance, I would have different keys for Orbit mode but going into the options every time I change missions is just not okay. Battery life matters. Going into settings is a waste of time compared to setting up the keys on the Android app.

Am I missing something? It’s very clear in the settings with Android.