iOS App in Beta stops working

Hello, is there any problems with the Litchi beta app for iOS?

I don’t know about the Beta version, but currently there are no reported issues with the most current version of Litchi on iOS.

Known Issues in Litchi 2.14.3 on iOS:

  • None

I think the beta is over. but I don’t have any replies to that. So only I can wait what happens.

In iOS TestFlight app the beta build is expired. So it seems that beta testing is over? I can’t use the current downloaded beta build anymore on my device. Where can I download the RC build of flylitchi?

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For iOS from the apple App Store.
For android from google’s Play Store
For DJI monitors from the Amazon Appstore

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Duh of course :smiley::face_with_raised_eyebrow::partying_face: Thank yhou so much!

I was an iOS beta user and the beta has expired. In the App Store, I’m being asked to pay $24.99. Is that correct?

Is there any official news from LITCHI on this topic? If I install the app from the Apple Store, can I switch back to the beta version later or will I lose access in Testflight? Can anyone tell me?