iOS and android apps

Hello, I purchased android version of app. Do I have to again pay for iOS version? I use both iPad and my android phone to fly my mini2.

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If you want to use Litchi on both devices, then yes you need to buy Litchi on each platform

What if I want to use it only on 1 platform?

Bought the litchi app about 5y ago for my Iphone - in the meantime I have sold my Iphone and went back to Android.
As I bought recently a new mini 2, I’d like to use it in my Android phone.
I still have the proof of purchase.

Please advise on how to proceed.

You still need to buy a license for Android

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It wasn’t the answer I was hoping for

I was actually just wondering this myself. I purchased the app on my android (Samsung galaxy s22 ultra) and had issues with that phone so I finally made the switch over to iOS (iPhone 13 pro max) and even after logging in on the website it still wants me to pay the 25 bucks all over again. This is ridiculous since I’ve already purchased it once and then got rid of that phone back to the carrier, they shouldn’t try robbing us again if we switch from one platform to another.
We should be able to just log in on the website, and as they recognize our log in, we should be able to download it on whatever platform we want.
I don’t use litchi enough to have to go and pay for it all over again. They should fix this issue.
I’ll stick with my DJI App to fly my drones. At least they don’t charge you……. Screw Litchi until this issue is fixed

If you were to use both the IOS and Android versions of Litchi you would see that they are two different programs that support 99% of the same functions. They are two separate code bases with separate licensing systems and a slightly different “look and feel”. Receiving both applications for the price of one might feel good but it is also important to support the people who create such wonderful software.


Yeah I know I get it. Don’t mean I have to like it, but I get it. I just wish I was able to transfer over what I just recently paid to get litchi on my android and then switched to iOS. But I’ll get it again at some point. I still have yet to try litchi on my mini 2 or air 2 because I’m nervous. All I’ve ever used was DJI fly app

@Shawn_Jordan , using 3rd party apps with a mini 2 opens up a whole new world that you wouldn’t imagine, I mean I’ve been out today with my mini2 using another 3rd party app to capture over 1000 photos so i can try and 3d model a couple of local windmills, so don’t be nervous, get down your local field and have a play

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Yeah I’m not sure what I’m nervous about but just getting use to flying my drones and I guess I don’t want to mess anything up

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That’s why I suggest you get down to a nice open space where you can see exactly what’s going on, that flight this afternoon I was a bit nervous about one section as it came close to trees, but I just watched closely and had my finger on the pause button just in case😂

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I just haven’t used it at all and maybe I just don’t think im seasoned enough to try other apps outside of DJI fly

Then just try Litchi without using any of its flying functions (waypoints, follow, orbit, etc.). Just open Litchi (make sure DJI Fly is closed) and use the joysticks to manually fly. It behaves the same as DJI Fly. This way you can become used to the Litchi screen layout while flying manually. Don’t try any automated modes until you are comfortable with basic, manual flying.


I think litchi should offer at least a massive discount for users from android to apple and apple to android. If you buy the app on one portal, the functions are the same, only the integration between android and apple is different. It is not the users fault if litchi does not use a cross compiler which can create apps for both platforms.

If I pay for Microsoft office 365 I can use the android, apple or windows version…

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I think if you have brought on one platform you get discounted on second. But either way I will get at some point for android as just some times easy to sling phone on instead of Ipad

As far as I’m aware you pay full price on both

I should of checked my message as i know you have to pay full for both i ment to say you would of though you get one discounted if buying both

Why should you get discount if buying both

Why should you not get a discount if buying both.

because they are 2 different apps, would you expect a discount if you bought say a VW and a Seat

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