Internet nodig met waypoint en waypoint settings?

Do I need internet for google maps with the lichi app to create focus and waypoints

You don’t need internet if you have cached the maps of the area you want to fly in beforehand. I fly in a rural area without internet access by first opening the Litchi app at home with my phone connected to my wifi and then scrolling the map over the area I want to fly in, zooming in and out. Then, when I get out into the bush, the maps are on the phone and I can set up missions with waypoints and POIs.

You can also cache an area using the Google Maps app, but I have found that the maps disappear within 48 hours. But by using the Litchi app, the maps are still there weeks later. I’m probably doing something wrong on the Google Maps app, but the Litchi app does what I want it to, so I haven’t investigated the problem.