Intermittent FPV/Signal Loss during Waypoint mission

Air 2 S Waypoint Mission
It appears that I had FPV/RC signal problems when arriving at Waypoint 4.
Not sure what happened here. I t appears that I had some FPV and RC signal loss
degradation at Waypoint 4.

Waypoint 4 - no configured actions and path mode was set to ‘straight lines’

I ended up cancelling the mission, and did a RTH.

Here is the screen recording. I was not touching the
sticks during this time.

Any ideas as to what really happened here ?

According to Airdata , my GPS SATs were stable at 25.
In looking at my Airdata logs, the radio signal jumped around a few times to 40%,
60% for about 7 seconds, then it stabilized to 100%, and jumped down to 80%
a few more times before I hit RTH.

Litchi App version 4.21.2-g / Android 10 / Samsung S9+

This is typical for “Virtual Stick Command” missions/drones (Mini1 and newer) which highly rely on a constant good control signal quality between the drone and remote contoller.
An interruption of even milliseconds means that some VSC’s and feedback to the controller don’t reach the drone/controller and therefore will not be executed.
The controller sends a VSC to the drone and the drone sends it’s 3D position, speed, etc. back to the controller/Litchi (feedback) so Litchi can work out the next appropriate VSC to the drone. When this gets interrupted ever so slightly, this is the result.

Thanks TriBar.

Is there like a retry limit counter, before it just gives up, and just cancels the mission ?
Should I have waited longer ?

I don’t know about a counter.
The orientation of the drone relative to the controller also affects the control signal.
Mr. Kent explains this nice in this youtube video:

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Thanks TriBar. Very informative video.
I agree with Mr. Kent, flying backwards when starting to lose signals will help prevent an auto RTH.
I’ve learned to always point the RC antenna at the drone for better range.

I’m going to edit this mission, and raise the flight altitude. Hopefully,
that will prevent this from happening again. ‘legal’ altitude is your friend.

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