Install on Mavic 2 Pro Smart Controller

I installed Amazon Apps, downloaded the latest Litchi, and restarted the controller. It runs okay for a few seconds and allows me to okay the different permissions, go to enter my email and it crashes. It won’t run more than a few seconds.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the app, but I get the same results. It keeps complaining about the DJI servers, soooo… I’m at a loss. Help?

User guide:
When starting the app for the first time after installation, you will need to be connected to Internet in order to register the app with DJI servers. Registration with DJI servers can be done without being connected to a DJI drone. The registration is done in the background, if the registration failed you will be notified with an error popup. Be aware that some Internet connections may have troubles connecting to DJI servers, in such a case make sure to try a different Internet connection (home wifi, mobile data connection, a friend’s connection, public wifi, etc).