Insert waypoint before existing WP1

I would like to insert a waypoint to an existing mission before the first waypoint. When using the “insert” option it inserts it after the current and before the next waypoint.

Is there a possibility to do this?


@spacefox After you insert the new waypoint next to waypoint 1, move the original waypoint 1 to whatever location you want and then move the new waypoint 2 to the original waypoint 1 location. Check your settings so that the new waypoint has the same settings as the original waypoint 1, and set the original moved waypoint 1 to whatever you now need.

Steve has already described how this can be done in the Mission Hub (which is probably the easiest way). There is another way to do this through the use of the “Export” and “Import” functions.

  1. Export your current mission to a CSV file.
  2. Edit that CSV file (using Excel or other) and duplicate the first data row (not the header).
  3. Tweak the GPS coord of the first data row to make it slightly different from what used to be in the first row (now the second row of data), then save.
  4. Import this modified CSV file back into Litchi.
  5. Move your new WP1 to whatever location you wish.
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Thanks. This option is kind of the “manual” way, and clear. It would be interesting in that case to actually be able to duplicate a waypoint, so that I don’t have to copy everything to the new waypoint (as I have also a number of actions).

Thanks for pointing out this possibility. Will try it for exercise…