Insert an orbit around the POI into a mission

Insert an orbit around the POI into a mission
I would like to create a mission in which, once it reaches a POI, the drone makes an orbit around it; I see that in a mission the drone heading can automatically point towards the point of interest, just as the gimbal pitch can be set towards the “Focus POI”; However, I would like the drone to also orbit around the POI and I didn’t find this function in the “actions” list.

Litchi navigates to a waypoint, not a POI.
You could create a mission to accomplish your task by setting waypoints around your POI and (like you said) ‘Focus POI’ for each waypoint.

This shared mission is similar to what you want, I think … even though its not a perfect circular orbit.

Is this possible by using the Generate Helix Mission feature (accessible through the Create a Helix Mission around POI# icon at the top left in the Virtual Litchi Mission application; not available in the Mission Hub)…?

Yes, it certainly is.

continuing to search, I finally found this interesting solution that works perfectly Circular Waypoint Missions with Litchi | DJI Spark Drone Forum

So do the “Spiral Mission Maker for Litchi” & “Ellipse Mission Maker for Litchi” from @wesbarris

You can easily do it in Google Earth, use the circle tool make the circle around whatever you want to orbit, export it from Google Earth as a KML file, import it into Litchi, and drag the first Waypoint off to where you want it to start, and then insert or delete waypoints anywhere else you want them there will be way too many in the circle anyway so you might even end up wanting to delete every other one. It’s quite easy to do and actually pretty quick too