Initial questions about batch edit of waypoints, missions not available in app and camera view

I have three initial questions:

  1. How do I get to use the “batch edit of waypoints” function?
  2. I created a mission from my PC. It is saved and I can reopen it there. It does not show in the app on my iphone. How do I get it to open in the pp?
  3. With the Litchi app/drone/controller all on and connected, my iphone does not show what is seen by the camera. Iti s just black. How do I turn on the camera view
  1. in the app in waypoint mode click on the spanner then the square then select the waypoints and click edit

  2. You need to sign into your Litchi account in the app

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  1. Try the steps mentioned on this webside:
    ✅[Updated] Litchi for DJI Drones app not working (down), white screen / black (blank) screen, loading problems (2022)
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I watched a video on YouTube, where the user was able to set the distance between waypoints. I cannot find this anywhere in the menu on the app or desktop for zoom. I am a new user. I would appreciate anyone’s help with this

Only available in the app in Draw Mode.
Go to Waypoints, tap the spanner, tap the pencil then draw a path on the map.

Thank you for the reply… I have done this many times however my app does not have the waypoint spacing option. The first on the list is Altitude,then speed, then curve size etc…

Apparently this is only available in the android version of litchi.

Are you using the android or apple version? I seem to remember it only working with the android version