Indoor panoramas with Air 2S?

This is a bit off of the wall, but here goes. I put my Air 2S up at 100 feet or so, and initiated a spherical panorama. Exported to my phone, and happy with the results.

I’ve also noticed the Air 2S is stable indoors, i.e. I’ve popped it up a few feet and it seems to stay in one place. So if I raise it up 4-5 feet in my living room, and invoke the spherical panorama, will it work? I’m a little hesitant to try without some guidance, afraid the bird might become unstable.

When flying outdoors at around 100 feel above ground, stability would be provided via GPS. The drone may drift a few feet or so but that movement will not be noticeable in a panorama taken at that distance.

Any time the Air 2s is within around 30 feet of the ground, horizontal positioning is aided by the downward vision sensors. If you attempt to fly indoors, the drone may not have GPS positioning. However, with the proper lighting and a discernible pattern on the floor, the downward vision sensors will help to stabilize the drone.

While taking a 360 panorama may work indoors, I would avoid the temptation to fly a GPS drone indoors. There are too many things that can catch you off-guard. If you do, make sure your RTH height is set to something like 6 feet in the event your drone unexpectedly goes into RTH mode.