Incomplete Mission

I am flying DJI Air 2S

This was my mission Mission Hub - Litchi

Following is the video of the mission, not only did it not complete the mission but mid flight it said signal lost RTH. Can someone tell me what I did wrong.

The first link just takes to the mission hub, the second one to a restricted access google drive, however from what you have said, it sounds like for some reason the drone lost the signal and therefore performed the action that was set to happen in such circumstances, ie return to home


The link between the controller and drone was lost. Due to the model of drone you’re flying, it can’t resume the mission because the Air 2S uses virtual sticks to simulate waypoints. The drone started returning to home to regain signal. You can click start mission and select the waypoint you want to “start” on (probably the closest to where you lost signal) and resume the mission from there.

I am sorry that you can’t access both the links as it would show the issue. At waypoint no. 3 the camera started looking down instead of POI. Even before loss of signal it would not move from waypoint no.4 to way point no.5. kept of hovering for at least a minute and swaying from one direction to another. Also I have flown several times at this location with DJI Fly but there is never loss of signal.

Yaroslav, what do you mean by virtual sticks.

The newer drones do not have a way to load waypoints into the drone and execute them.
What app developers like Litchi devs do, is they simulate the motion of the sticks, during the mission. The drone sends info like altitude, heading, attitude, speed, back to the app, and Litchi simulates the movement of the sticks. It is not like the old DJI drones worked (like mavic 2) that you could load the mission in the drone itself.

That’s why when you lose signal, the mission stops.

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