In risky areas? Try adding a GPS tracker!

This is not directly linked to Litchi, although I read about others’ misfortunes with Litchi and their drone taking off in unforseen manners. I myself got frustrated with my first drone when it arrived at a high upper wind simply got blown away! I did set a speed record that day, but lost my drone in the proces. Eversince I’m flying around with a GPS Tracker from Weenect (French product see which is actually made for dogs and cats, but it comes with a handy plastic holder that can be easily attached to your drone with some velcro. The extra 20gr does reduce the flight time a bit, but it’s much more important to be always able to track it back. Batteries will last about 3 days depending on telephone/gps network coverage and repetative readouts of course.
As you can see from my added StrobeLight (2gr), stickers and even fluorecent bars, I am kind of fearfull to lose my drone again :slight_smile: See links below
Hoping that mankind is still of good will, I added my mobile number also to the ID stickers (obligatory in FR as soon as you fly around with anything carrying a camera). The ID number says nothing to any finder of your drone, so a phone number makes it much more likely to get in contact.
Of course the default action in Litchi is RTH and I always make sure that the home position is not too close to obstacles like trees.
I’ve read about several other types of GPS trackers but it’s always a compromise between, prize, size, battery lifetime, costs of abonnement and on a drone certainly weight. The Weenect tracker has also options like; gps-log interval, beep, vibrate, even talk/listen like a phone! If the orange button is pushed, a SOS sms is send to my phone (this is more an option for elderly people’s security feature but it can only help). No I don’t have shares in the company, I’m just a fan of this combination! Even a complete powerfail or other mishap, gives me the chance to find it back.

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