IMU initialising while Drone flies Mission

yesterday, flaying a mission right between 2 Waypoints the Drone started to initialise the IMU and told me not to move the drone while this…obviously the drone was flying to the next Waypoint while initialising. The camera Screen turned white. I luckily culd get the drone back flying to me by stopping the mission and using the Map navigation. But tis was a pretty scary Moment. And i think IMU initialising while beeing in a Mission shouldn’t be a thing. After what i understood this could even become pretty dangerous.

Can someone help me or tell me how to avoid this ?


Make sure the drone is fully initialised and settled before starting the mission

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it was showing me that it’s ready. this happen like after 20 Waypoints, right in the middle of the Mission.

What drone do you have ?

It was my Air2s
It happens with my Air2s so a fairly new one

I am not familiar with this drone.
I will have to leave the answer for
those on here who know about that model !

The IMU initializing should not happen during a flight with the Air 2s or any other DJI drone. Instead, the IMU should be initialized automatically immediately after powering on your drone before your flight. Why it happened during a flight is a mystery.

I would go through the IMU calibration procedure using DJI Fly. Once that has completed you can fly with either DJI Fly or Litchi and then hope that the IMU initialization never happens again during flight.

EDIT: Earlier in my responding haste, I made some errors in my initial response confusing “Initializing” the IMU with “Calibrating” the IMU. I have gone back and corrected those errors in this response.

Just bought the Air2s myself at xmas. Maybe this should be part of a pre flight check-up.
My first ever drone and learning as I go.
Think I might take out Drone Insurance pretty damn soon just in case.

Calibrating the IMU, turn on the remote controller and connect it with the mobile device.
Place the aircraft on a level surface with its arms folded and turn on the aircraft.
Launch the DJI Go app, enter the camera view.
Go to main controller settings,
advanced settings,
IMU and tap calibrate IMU