Import KML file into Mission hub

When Litchi wasn’t yet available on M3E, I purchased Dronelink, which is a good platform, but I just feel Litchi is easier for operational planning and use. Now that the Beta is available for the M3E, I wanted to import a KML file that I used in Dronelink, and have exported via google earth pro. I’ve tried to import the file which is a waypoint mission into mission hub, but it doesn’t appear to show up as a mission. Any suggestions on how to upload this kml file would be appreciated.

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If you would be willing to share the KML file with me, I can have a look and let you know how to import it.


I’m unable to upload it into this thread. Can I email it to you or share via dropbox?

You can click on my icon and paste the contents of the KML file in a private message to me or send me email through my web site and I’ll respond with an email address.

I have had a look at the file you provided. The file you sent to me is a KMZ file. Litchi can import KML files but not KMZ files. This KMZ file contains three components:

  1. Flight Path
  2. Flight Motion
  3. Captures

My suggestion is to:

  1. Open your KMZ file in Google Earth Pro.
  2. Expand your KMZ file by clicking on the little triangle.
  3. Right-click on the “Flight Path” and choose “Save Place As…”.
  4. Change the “Save as type” to KML.

The saved KML file can be imported into Litchi. Be warned, your KML data contains over 3000 waypoints.

Good evening, here on this website that I’m sending you there are several conversion tools, I believe you will be able to solve them. However, your drone has a native tool for the purpose you want.

Thank you Wes, that worked.