Import .gpx as a mission?

Dear all,
I’m looking for a method to import a .gpx file that contains a track or route into a Litchi mission.
As a experienced (Garmin) gps user I learned that .gpx is the utmost standard for data exchange between most gps coordinates based tools.
So I wonder how you achive this, with or without any workaround.

@Didier1 ,
You’ll have to convert it to KML or CSV, then import it into Litchi.

It would be pretty easy to write a converter. Can you send me an example gpx file?

Convert GPX to CSV Online

Because it was pretty easy I wrote a “GPX to Litchi” converter. It needs to be tested. Contact me if you encounter any problems. You’ll find the converter here:

@wesbarris , I tried and get a file too large message, smallest file I’ve got is 501kb, largest is 1679kb

I suggest you include 3 settings from your “AirData to Litchi Converter”:

  • Skip close waypoints
  • Desired number of Waypoints
  • Distance from Home to WP1


Generate an AirData compatible CSV.

Also the blue “GPX to Litchi Waypoint Mission” button is invalid

Thanks. I have no experience with gpx files or how they are generated so this feedback is very useful to me. Fortunately, I do have experience with XML so deciphering this data is easy.

I had no idea the gpx files would be so large. I debugged with sample gpx files I had found on-line. They were much smaller. I have increased the maximum upload size to 1MB for now. Let me know if one under 1MB in size works and we’ll go from there. Would you be willing to share a typical gpx file with me? I don’t know if there is such a thing as a typical gpx file but a real-world example to work with would help.

I have fixed the button and will look into your other suggestions. Those are all good ideas. Thanks.

Hi Wes I had success with this file and as you can see from this you need to limit the number of waypoints I might not be being fair as this is a mapping mission

I have added options to:

  1. Skip waypoints that are close together
  2. Specify the maximum number of waypoints

Please test.

@wesbarris , Its looking good, this is the same mission

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