Dear develpopers,

in latest DJI Fly I discovered the option, to enter the pilots ID into the drone, so it is sent. As far as I know, this feature is demanded after 2022, but of course only with drones over 250g.

However, as far as I m informed, some countries allow to fly over crowds of people, when this ID is sent out and the drone is below 250g.

So this might be an important feature for lots of people owning such a drone like the mini ones. It looks like, this feature is available also on the mini 1, as this option appears, when I was connected to my mini 1 drone, not before connection.

Maybe you might want to add this feature in litchi, too?

Another thing I am wishing for litchi would be the possibilty to change manually from 2,4GHz to 5,8GHz. In this case, I am not quite sure, if this can already be done and if this is really recommended.

Also would be nice, if there was the possibilty or a setting, to force to search a free channel only in one band, i.e. 2,4GHz or 5,8GHz. Background of this: If I am using Yagi-Uda-Antennas, they are either for 2,4GHz or 5,8GHz, but not for both.

So, if I chose for 5,8Ghz, then the drone should be able to change the channel within the chosen band, but not be able to jump i.e. from 5,8GHz to 2,4GHz (because then the Yagi-Uda-Antennas are then the wrong ones).

I suppose, you understand my thoughts.

These are just two ideas, which came in my mind, and maybe in the case, if you don’t know, what you should improve in the next version.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


Related to the second one:

It would be nice, if one could see the actual band the drone is using at the moment, is it using 2,4Hz or 5,8Ghz. As we know, normally it is chosing itself, and so you can see, where are the most disturbances.

Just to choose the right antenna boosters (Yagi-Uda for 2,4GHz or for 5,8GHz???)