Icon not showing up in app

I’m just getting going with this Litchi app so I’m sure I’m probably missing something. But I’m not seeing the icon to view the images I’ve shot on the app screen. I’ve attached a shot to show what I’m talking about. the left image shows what I should be seeing, the right side shows what I’m seeing. Any ideas?

The key in the User Guide under the photo you are showing says this:

Media Gallery: Tap to enter the media gallery which lets you review and download media from the drone’s storage. Android only

Are you using the Android or IOS version of the Litchi app?

Thanks, that’s what it is. I’m an Apple kinda guy. Guess I’m outa luck…

Just had another thought. So if I can’t check my images that way, is there a way to make sure the images were captured before I get back to my office and find out something’s not right?

It’s kind of awkward but what you can do is:

  1. Close Litchi.
  2. Open DJI Fly / Go4.
  3. Use DJI’s photo interface to view the images taken with Litchi.
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Good idea, thanks. I’ll do that. For me, learning this drone stuff is like trying to teach an old dog a new trick. I’m just glad someone invented beer!