I want to have several waypoints on a straight line

Is there a way to make a mission that is a perfectly straight line, but have multiple waypoints along the way? I can get pretty close manually, but I just wonder if there is a way to keep the line straight while laying down waypoints. I am often asked by clients to do a Rise & Reverse straight line over the property from about 25’ to 400’, and sometimes there are tall trees along the path and I want to add waypoints along the way with sufficient altitudes so as to fly over the trees. Thanks!

One way would be to set a Waypoint at the Start and one and the End of your line. Then, insert additional waypoints using the Insert Waypoint tool. If you highlight Waypoint 1 then click Insert, it will add a Waypoint between #1 and #2. The new point will become #2 and the one at the end will be renamed to #3.
Then, you can add more waypoints between all of those, and keep them in a straight line.
The altitude can be changed for each of the waypoints without affecting their location.
Headings can also be changed if you want the drone to face different directions.


Yes. There are two ways. Sam already explained how you can use the “Insert” function.

A second way is to place your first waypoint, then while holding the shift key down, place any number of additional waypoints. This will place them all in a line along either the X or Y axis. Next, you can use the “Rotate” function to rotate the entire line to the location desired.


Awesome, Wes! Thanks SO much! I appreciate it

Thanks, Sam. Yes, I already have done that method. But if I need to move one of the waypoints between the first and last, they always move the line a bit. I got an answer from Wes Barris…I’m going to try that. I appreciate your help.

Sam, I set up a test mission on the Hub, and your “Shift key” method works perfectly! Thanks again.

I have a follow-up question. If I am at the field, and I want to create a new mission on the App while flying, I have no “Shift” key to keep each added waypoint on straight line. Any ideas on how to accomplish the same thing in the air?

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James, I had suggested the ‘Insert’ method which you had already tried. Wes suggested using the Shift key. I will defer to his expertise on that method.

Oops. Sorry. Thank you

I know of no way to accomplish the same “shift key” thing in the Litchi app. Your only option there is the “Insert” function.

Thanks. I figured that.

Yes, I like that I use that for the use of Online Elevation. The path is straight but the elevation contours the terrain. As long as my height is above the tallest buildings and trees. I should be ok but naturally we always need to test it out slowly to see that everything is ok with good GPS conditions.