I must say, I'm impressed! Litchi for iOS Beta 2.13.2 (3067)

(It's Looking Good! Litchi iOS Beta 2.13.2 (3067) on the DJI Mini2 and Air2s. - YouTube)
I have, over the past few weeks, been beta testing Litchi for iOS. I downloaded the the latest version this morning and took advantage of a break in the weather to test it. The combined clips above are ungraded raw footage without colour correction. I must say, I’m impressed. The team at Litchi have finally managed to resolve most of the gimbal issues and although there are ongoing problems with yaw stability on tight curves and a few other issues it’s clear they are getting there. I still miss the fully autonomous Litchi Go4 waypoint app but it’s now getting to the stage where the joystick version will be a useful tool in a professional environment.


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Sincerely, Magomed.

Have a day with your M2 and A2s, I will stick with my M2P which is rock solid and will fly with LOS. It’s great they work though.