I have to buy it again?

I purchased the Litchi App for iPhone last year. Then I stopped using my Mini 2 because I crashed it.
Now that I fixed it. It went to download it again and it shows that I have to purchase it again for $34.99.

I thought it was a one time payment?

Read FAQ #10:

Crashing and fixing a drone should not require you to pay for Litchi again. It has nothing to do with it. If Litchi is still on your iPhone just use it.

There is something you are not telling us. Either you deleted Litchi from your iPhone and are now signed into the App Store with a different account or you are trying to obtain Litchi from a different App Store for a different platform.


Yes, something is missing, If its not on your phone, not in the app store showing as a cloud download. I have a feeling your using the wrong apple account. Been there. I had to find a account I used when I bought litchi. It was with an iPad that got stolen from our store. I would pay $25.00 a year!!


I purchased Litchi in the Google Play store but also want it on my iPad. Do I need to purchase it again in the Apple store?

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Simple answer … Yes, you will have to purchase it again. Different platforms, different operating systems —> different app (even though its the same name).


Yes for sure, when I bought it I paid for both OS systems, finding the info, to re-install it on a android, I haven’t tried to try!