I don´t understand this message from the Litchi App

I bought this application and I still haven’t been able to use it. When I put my mini 2 in the air, a message appears saying the following: The mobile device GPS location is not accurate enough to start Follow mode. If your mobile device has a GPS sensor ang the problem persists, try changing location or increasing the Minimum Locacion Accuracy general setting.
I don’t understand what you mean, I’ve tried elsewhere and it’s the same. can anyone help me please, thanks. I sent a message to Litchi who recommended me to turn off the wi-fi and bluetooth, I did that and nothing!

Set the value in the settings to more than what you have shown.

And read the instructions. The fact that you bought the application does not mean that you can not read the help.

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Não entendo o que você quer dizer com definir valor nas configurações… eu li as instruções e fiz tudo o que era recomendado incluindo desligar a app da DJI em segundo plano. Se vim expor o problema é porque necessito de ajuda

You didn’t read the instructions. Otherwise you would know this:

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In Follow mode the drone follows the GPS location of your connected phone (mobile device).

If the GPS accuracy of your phone is poor, i.e. less than the ‘Maximum Location Accuracy’ that is set in ‘AIRCRAFT Settings’, this message will come up.

The GPS accuracy (and height) of you phone is displayed on your screen.
Highlighted in this picture:

When this number is higher than the number in the settings, the drone is not able to follow.

So you could try to set a higher number than the displayed number in the settings.
Disadvantege is that the subject to follow (you) can get out of frame.


Thank you so much for your help, I think I finally understood what the problem was. My English is not very good, I have to improve that. Thanks


Hola pudiste solucionarlo?? Tengo el mismo problema.

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