Hyperlapse waypoints Mavic 2 pro cannot register a path

Hi everyone.
The DJI go4 app was crashing on my Android 12 so I had to find a solution in order to continue taking the hyperlapse waypoints of my construction site.
In February 2022 i registered 5 hyperlapse paths and was recording a timelapse each time the construction was going further. The idea was to make the same timelapses during 3 years, so during the whole construction. But DJI go4 crashes and I have to continue to record the timelapses
So i found the litchi can do it.

I installed it today but I do not see how I can register a hyperlapse path like I did with the other app. I do not want to ore edit it on Google earth. I want to do it as while as I fly the drone. Why ? Because I have to see the camera angles, the position of the drone etc. In the DJI go4 app I was moving the drone on a specific position, was chosing the position and angle of the camera and i was clicking ti the + button in order to chose the first of the 5 waypoints of a hyperlapse path.
Is there anyway to do the same with litchi ? Otherwise it would be very difficult to do it with preediting the path through the desktop as i have to make experiments with the angles etc…

Hope to see a positive answer so that I do not miss this phase of the construction which is so important.

Thanks so much everyone.
All best

Using Litchi, you can create a mission (series of waypoints) by flying to your specific positions and defining a waypoint at each one. Then, you can fly that mission with the camera set to take a series of photos which can be assembled into a hyperlapse video.

To do this, you need to configure either your C1 or C2 buttons to place a waypoint at the aircraft’s current position. This is accomplished by going into the settings (gear icon, upper right corner) of the Litchi app, scrolling to the bottom, then configuring either the C1 or C2 buttons to “Waypoint at Aircraft”.

There are obviously many other mission parameters to be configured, but this is the key to doing what you are asking.

When flying this mission, you will want to set the “Photo Capture Interval” as desired.

Hi and thanks so much for your reply. So sorry for my late reply I have been really busy :frowning:

Ok I will try this.
Just a quick question. When I’ll use the C1 and C2 buttons while flying the waypoints path, is the camera angle going to be registered so that the next time i will fly the path everything will be automatic ? I mean can it take a series of pictures (150 pics for exemple) as it moves through the waypoints I have given it ?

Thanks so much again for your precious help :pray::sun_with_face:
Best regards @wesbarris

Yes. When you save a waypoint, the coordinates, the heading, and the gimble pitch angle will all be saved.