Hyperlapse and Timelapse

adding Hyperlapse function in Litchi

Please Please please add hyperlapse and timelapse.


This is the best answer. Please!

It is worth noting you can already shoot hyperlapse and timelapse with Litchi using waypoint mode and the mission setting ‘Photo Capture Interval’ (Help - Litchi), however the photos will need to be stitched outside of Litchi


Good idea! I use davinci resolve to stitch the photos, works great!

Awesome! I’ll definitely try this! thanks!

It can be done, but better if Litchi does all the work!

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Thank you, but why is it so difficult to implement the automatic gluing function in the litchi program itself? Direct competitors have implemented this quite successfully. This also applies to the panorama function - why is it impossible to implement gluing in the program itself?

completely unnecessary feature. which will only waste phone resources.
litchi don’t have access to the files on the drone, why can’t you remember that.

On iOS devices you can, not on Android.

It’s better to speak for yourself, not be so categorical and not speak for everyone. 1. I need the option. 2. This option (gluing into hyperlapse) is implemented in the rainbow program, an analogue/ competitor of Litchi. 3. I do not propose to simultaneously glue, continue to fly, shoot videos and work with navigation in third-party programs, I understand that it is difficult, but any modern smartphone can glue hyperalps in the program itself, in any case, the user should have this choice - in the program itself or later on the computer. The same goes for the panorama function.

Then litchi need to make the same bad panoramas as in dji fly, 3x3. Otherwise, they will not be able to please other users. A panorama of 57 shots takes 20 minutes to photograph, 30 minutes to copy to your phone, and another 30 minutes to glue together.

I need it, not the developers of litchi. I need the product I bought to be useful to me, I didn’t buy it before, then it would make life easier for developers, I’m not going to ask them if they need it or not?

Sounds great to me, saves me having to go back to DJI Fly.
I can do everthing in Litchi

You should have red the “What’s New” and “User Guide” before you bought it.

Aren’t we here on the forum to discuss the quality of the application and its functions, as well as its improvements and the possible addition of new ones? The description states how the functions should work, but do they work as they should? The track function is practically useless at the moment, follow mode also essentially works only if the drone is at least 15 meters away from you, otherwise you constantly fall out of the frame and have to adjust a lot with your hands, this is not normal, returning home also works 50/50 and this is in a paid application. A link to this forum was sent to me by an official representative of Litchi, just to discuss problems and suggest improvements.

‘Hyperlapse and Timelapse’ are neither a problem nor improvement.

And the representative of Litchi just told me that it was very good that I proposed the addition of this option within the application and they seem to even think about it, since competitors have already implemented it.

Hyperlapse and timelapse can be done as a separate feature, but all files will still be on the sd card.

Why? Maybe the official representative of Litchi will be able to answer this question? What are the problems of implementing AND “ASSEMBLING” hyperlapse in this application, because it is also implemented in some similar applications? If someone has a weak smartphone and he is not sure that he will cope with this task or for other reasons, such as wasting time, resources, etc., you can add an option such as “assemble” hyperlapse in another program or later.