How to switch Android to iOS without paying again

I bought Litchi for Android. But my Android phone does not have enough of performance obviously.
I need to install the app to iOS phone. But it seems that I have to pay again.

That is correct, they are 2 different licensing systems

Ha! I have just discovered that too. I guess that it is similar for many other apps but I have to have the Android version to install on my Smart Controller BUT I would love to be able to make routes on tthe fly with my iPhone. Please developers - consider pegging the app to a user and not a device.

If you just bought, you can cancel the purchase and buy for another platform.

I would guess that noone wants to work for free? The codebase between iOS and Android is totally different and you can’t reuse anything between platforms unfortunately. Show’em ur money bro! Happy flying then! <3

Just think about yourself, I paid for 3 litchi subscriptions, or rather 4. One for Android, one for ios and Think of you, I paid 3 litchi subscriptions, actually 4. One for Android, one for ios and another for Dji Crystal Sky from amazon app, the latter, however, I bought it a couple of years ago during the black friday in November, but I bought it not on amazon Italy, but on amazon. com from another country (because it was only there in the Black Friday Offer) not knowing it, I did not write down on which country I was buying it and with which account, I was not able to go back and find the purchase, not even with the help of the amazon call center, so when I got the DJI RC pro last week, I had to re-purchase it one more time. :frowning: :rage: :rage: :rage: