How to Shoot Interval Photos?

I feel like I’m missing something obvious here, but I don’t understand how to actually shoot interval photo sequences. I’m interested in using my DJI Mini 2 to get aerial photos for photogrammetry, so I’d like to be able to shoot a series of straight down (-90º gimbal) photos along a grid pattern. I’ve laid out a test pattern in the Mission Hub, with gimbal pitch set to Interpolate and -90º for all waypoints, and specified the interval at two seconds for various legs of the path. It flew the path fine, but didn’t shoot any photos. Under Actions, I see that I can add “Take photo” and “Start recording” to any given waypoint, but nothing that seems to relate directly to interval photos. Is there a way to automatically start and stop photo intervals along each leg of the grid, or do I need to do it manually - and if so, how? Thanks!

During the flight, you can turn on the video recording.

Actions at points are actions only at points

If you want to take photos. You need to disable video recording. And enable photo interval