How to set Front and Side Image Overlap

Hi, any assistance about how to set front and side overlap in Litchi?

Should be a fairly standard and simple setting.


Iā€™m not exactly sure what you mean, but perhaps this topic will of interest for you:

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Hi, thanks, what I mean is how to set the path and timing of images so that they are overlapped by a certain amount. For example if 50% side overlap and 20% front overlap are required, there would be a way to set the flight path accordingly?

The map automatically zooms when the drone is moving.

There are no mapping capabilities in Litchi. Check out the thread linked above by TriBar, there you will find a way to use Mission Planner to plan the missions, and then convert them to Litchi.

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Thank you for these pointers, that thread will take some unpacking to get to what I want. See the attached, this is a screen shot of a very cheap app called Copterus. You can see the setup of a mission includes waypoints, direction, path and image overlap. It is a very big shame Litchi does not include this functionality.

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