How to restore deleted mission?


I accidentally deleted a mission in Mission Hub. Is there any way to restore it?


If this waypoint Mission is on your smart device, open it, save it again, then it should synchronise back to the Mission Hub when connected to the internet.
If it’s not on your smart device, it’s lost forever.

I have a Smart Controller, does that work?

I do all my flight planning in Mission Hub on a computer. Just load and fly on the Smart Controller.


Yes, waypoint missions sync both ways, also with a smart controller.

Thanks but it was already gone on the Smart Controller

Then your waypoint mission is gone. There is no “undelete” option.

However, there is a way to convert past flight data into a waypoint mission. If you have already flown the mission and you use AirData, you can convert your AirData log back into a waypoint mission.