How to Insert Additional Waypoints Between Existing Waypoints (Mission Hub)

I did a Google search and a search of this forum, but could not find an explanation of how to insert additional Litchi flight path waypoints in between existing ones along the flight path.

I did find one explanation of how to insert waypoints over at the Phantom Pilot’s forum, but the procedure did not work because none of the mouse clicks recommended worked at all.

I do of course have the option of erasing the entire flight plan and starting from square one with a repeat of the entire flight plan using closer waypoints, and I have indeed resorted to that time-consuming method in the past. That said, I would much rather save time by simply dropping in new waypoints along an existing flight plan without going the whole nine yards to recreate the entire flight plan.

. I’d been creating new flight plans stretching the range of my Mavic Pro out beyond my previous maximum round trip distance from 6 miles to 8 miles when I ran into the Litchi limitation of 1.24 miles maximum separation between consecutive waypoints so I would like to simply drop in additional waypoints as needed to reduce that separation between waypoints to below one mile.

Any step-by-step pointers that can be offered describing how to accomplish this task would be appreciated

select the waypoint before where you want to insert the new waypoint and then click the insert button, this will then insert a waypoint halfway between the selected and next waypoint



Much thanks for this response, Martin. The insert button is probably right under my nose on the Mission Hub screen, but I haven’t been able to find it, despite periodically looking for it over the past few years.

Ah. Now, looking at the screenshot you’ve kindly posted, I can see why I never found that insert button. For some reason that I cannot fathom, the very top of my Litchi waypoint settings menu page is obscured right down to the longitude entry, meaning the top of the screen just cannot be repositioned such that the insert button becomes visible.

I’d always been irritated by not being able to see the Latitude and Longitude information, but now I see that a far more important feature that could have saved me hours of time over the years, is also hidden. On multiple occasions I tried to drag that waypoint menu page further down the Litchi Mission Hum screen so that I could see the entire page, but it just would not budge.

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try hitting f11 in your browser to take it full screen or tweek the zoom setting for that window slightly, maybe down to 80%

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Trying that now. Much gratitude from this old dinosaur with limited computer skills.

Holy Cow! F11 worked instantly and I could see the entire screen. I feel like a right dimwit for having been unaware of that simple yet powerful keystroke all these years. I am enormously grateful Martin. I won’t even detail how many hours of my time has been wasted recreating entire complex flight plans when all I needed was to insert a waypoint here and there after opening the full screen to access the insert button.

Toggling F11 restores the smaller screen view. You are da man! I tip my hat with respect sir.


@Mad_Pup , been there done it myself, at 63 I’m still young enough to learn and pass knowledge on :+1: :joy:


You can also use the “Insert” key on your keyboard to insert a waypoint.


You can just press + in the litchi app itself


WesBarris, Paxxa, and Martin have demonstrated to me in short order that this is by far the most informative online resource for Litchi usage, bar none. From having absolutely no idea how to insert waypoints in an existing Litchi flight plan, I now have three alternate methods any one of which would have taken me ages to discover on my own.

I am truly humbled by the wealth of time-saving information being shared here. Good thing there is no charge for lessons learned in this forum because I’d have maxed out my credit card already haha.

Once again I thank y’all kindly for taking a moment to set me on the right path for efficient use of this amazing creation called Litchi. I definitely owe a beer or two.


lol your not alone.
Now you a there, your flypath i “ready” Then indsert more points, drag them. If you come to a poi then set a point on both side of poi. gives a better result maybe 3 points, and a make a soft curve with poi.
every fly you need to lean some new settings when you think, why. lol but leaning is fun, Right


Mad pup - That was not a stupid question. I have it, too. I am grateful.

I’ve had the app for a couple of weeks. I learned the full screen trick a couple of days ago.

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