How to I switch over to the new litchi?

I have used Litchi for years on my Phantom 3 4k without an issue until yesterday. I went to fly my p3 4k and litchi would not load at all, the tx and rx connected but Litchi was blank. Do I need to download this new app and pay again? How do I go about switching to the new app with a facebook login setup?

Once you bought Litchi for a platform (iOS or Android (Playstore or Amazon)), you get free updates for that platform.
If Litchi does not start or run properly, there’s a problem with either your smart device and/or USB-cable).
If you could give some additional information, people here are more able to help you.
What smart device do you use.
What Litchi version do you use.
Did you close ALL background applications before starting litchi.
(You can’t use Litchi (or any App) on a drone, only on a smart device).

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