How to Gps an area

i have asked on facebook and been told this can definitely be done but i cant figure it out myself,
I am on a farm and want to use my drone to measure paddocks, so essentially i want to fly to all four corners of a paddock, and have it tell me that was ( x area )

Please how can i do this

If you know their coordinates. You can specify exactly in decimal values ​​wp1,wp2,wp3,wp4.

Or the reverse method is to fly the drone to the desired point and set the “waypoint in the plane” so you can find out the coordinates and dimensions

where do i find “set the waypoint in the plane”? and will it tell me the size of the area i have flown; i dont want the circumference/length of the flight eg 3km, i want 5acres for example

You need to assign a function button in settings. Last menu

Yes, this way you will know the dimensions between the points

sorry i cant see a assign function button in settings, is this on the web version too?

How will you fly on the website?

ah okay i see, and then once i have the dimensions (4 corners and distance in between, will it calculate the area for me or do i need to work that out myself?

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Litchi can NOT calculate an area.
Here’s a simpel way to do so using Google Earth:

  1. Open Google Earth
  2. Zoom in to the paddok
  3. Draw a Polygon around the borders of the paddok, the polygon can have has many points/corners as you want (dubbel-clicking the last point closes the polygon)
  4. Check the ‘Measurements’ Tab

Let me know if you want me to elaborate on a method using a drone and Litchi.


Hey mate, yeah that makes sense,

i was hoping to measure crop paddocks into smaller blocks with the drone every year as yeild changes alot,
seems i wont be able to do this with the drone, ill stick to doing it manually for now,

I appreciate your time!

sorry just while im at it;

what does “gimbal pitch mode, disabled/focus poi/ interpolate” mean in settings

and what is “heading” auto/initial/manual/custom?


Read about it in the manual. Appreciate the time of others. These questions are asked every day


If the paddock has been there for more than a couple of years then go onto Google Earth, draw a polygon around the paddock and then you can read the area in acres or hectares.

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