How to get lower-res videos to mobile the easiest way etc


I was looking for (easiest) way to get Litchi-recorded videos and panos stitched to my android devices, but with reduced file size and resolution. I found out that:

  • Connecting usb c - c drone to Nokia T20 tablet (android 12) is not supporting exFAT, tried exFAT Paragon and Total Commander file manager, still no luck.
  • With my Oneplus Nord2 no problems with exFAT and browsing and copying the mem card works fine. A 5 minute clip took around 6 minutes to transfer via usb.
  • With Nokia T20 Dji Fly quick transfer wifi took around the same as 1+ thru usb, so around 6 minutes for a 5 minute-duration clip.
  • With Proton Video Compressor & Resize, re-encoding also took around 6 minutes for the same 5 minutes clip on Nokia T20. The Result was a 1920x1080, 82MB file from the source 3840x2160, 4GB file. Video looked okay for the size.

Shame my Nokia T20 has issues with exFAT usage. I bet it would save some power on both the drone and the mobile device to transfer via usb, compared to wifi. Nonetheless, at least quick transfer seems to work fine and video compression was quite ok for the time it took on Nokia T20. So a reasonably simple and efficient way was found to manage lower-resolution compact copys to android from the Mini 2.

=====Original post:
Okay, I’m pretty sure there’s no workaround, but I’ll ask nonetheless. I have Mini 2 and Litchi on android. With Dji Fly I like that it saves the “preview” videos on my mobile device. When in the field, the full res video files are large to store and heavy to process on my mid-tier mobile devices. Therefore I like the preview-videos for instant sharing etc when I want to. I usually shoot in the middle of nowhere for days straight and can’t access my computer until I come back to civilization. And for the on-the-go sharing and viewing something like 720p or even lower vids would be okay. I guess there’s no way to record lowres-videos on the drone mem card simultaneously with the full res, like my GoPro 10 does, it’s very handy to download them for the same use case in the field.

So, I’m looking for a way to deal with this using Litchi since AFAIK Litchi don’t save any preview-videos at least on android unlike dji fly. I know I could use quick transfer to transfer the full res videos to mobile and then use some video converter to downsample the vids and then use them. But, it takes up space on my mobiles at least for the time to process and battery on both the drone and the mobile to download and then more on the mobile to process them. Luckily my tablet (Nokia T20) at least has memory card slot so I can use it with more space to even be able to download the full res, whereas on my phone (1+ Nord2) has no mem card slot and insufficient internal memory to download many full res since I have a lot of music etc stored on it. It is not an option to upgrade the mobiles at the moment.

So, if there’s no workaraound I’m not familiar with to help me out here, I would kindly ask at least some recommendations of good (free?) apps on android to easily cut and downsample the full res vids and on the other hand some app to stitch the panoramas I have shot with Litchi since for what ever reason the android version of Litchi can’t stitch the panos shot with it. I guess the best app here would be some that I could choose several videos and command it to “batch downsample” them with in one go. I’m not sure if I could use memcard reader to downsample straight from the memcard (or even with usb-connection to the drone straight from the mem card that way) so that my mobile wouldn’t need to download them (or at least would only need to download one at a time) to my mobile so I could batch downsample the vids with little space on mobile. I hope you get what I mean :slight_smile: Cheers!