How To Fly A Drone

I am creating documentation on some of the more important things to consider when flying drones.

While I live in the USA, I don’t want this documentation to be USA-specific and it would also be impractical for me to provide detailed rules for every country. I am trying to make this documentation country agnostic.

Please have a look at whatever section interests you and let me know what you think. Would those of you who are experienced fliers let me know if you see any errors or omissions?


I am about to read the writeups under the headings of this document, but unless I am mistaken there is thus far no mention of the enormous benefits new drone fliers can reap from starting out with a simulator such as Real Flight 7.5 that can be picked up for a few dollars used now. Were I to find myself in charge of a drone pilot academy, only those students who passed a proficiency test on the simulator would be allowed to start operating a real drone.

Before I ever owned a DJI drone, I spent many hours mastering the skill of hand-flying quadcopters and even fixed-wing aircraft in the virtual world of Real Flight and the defunct Phoenix RC5.5. The payoff for all that simulator practice has been that I have never once crashed a drone due to pilot error, on account of having honed the muscle memory that enables me to instinctively orient a drone that is facing any direction within visual range. Even with the drone as a distant speck in the sky, I can discern the direction it is facing simply by making a left or right turn input and noting which direction the speck veered in response to my control input.

If simulator practice has already been mentioned in this guide, I apologize for not having read the entire document before making this mention of the importance simulator training should have for all drone pilots. I am now going back for a deeper delve into the tutorial.

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Thank you. I think it is very good and short reminder of how to deal with quadcopters even for experienced pilots.
Again, very good idea.
Have a safe flights

LAANC is USA, you ought to make that clear that a lot of the information on the page is only relevant to the USA.

Otherwise anyone reading this from outside of the USA will be confused.

Thank you. I do say:

In the USA, LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability)

However, that is obviously not enough. I have added a note every time LAANC is mentioned that it is USA-only.