How to charge phone from controller

Hi, When i use the DJI app I always hit the option to charge my phone from the controller batt. My phone batt stinks so I always need to give it a charge especially on longer flying days. How do I do this in the litchi app? For now i open the DJI fly and run it in the back ground so i can select the charge phone option. But I read the instructions and they say to close the DJI app.

You only have to force close the DJI Fly app when you want to fly with another app (like Litchi).

Litchi doesn’t offer this choice of charging the phone (iOS only).
Android devices are always charged by the controller when it is switched on.
I don’t know if Litchi, or even the controller, defaults to either charging or not charging the phone when turned on.
You will know by checking the charge icon on your phone.

I would advice buying a simple powerbank to charge your phone in the field.

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@Cody1 ,
Does the charging stop if you close the DJI Fly app? I’m not sure. I’m just asking if you have tried.

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i cant charge from a power bank while im plugged into the controller.

GOOD CALL!. open DJI, go in setting, turn on phone charging (always defaults to off.) Then close the app. It stays on. THANKS