How to access photo preview

I see that the version 2.12.0 supports a function called photo preview; but, I can figure out how to preview photos or send them to iMessage, for example.

Please clarify the photo preview function.

Enable the setting called Photo Preview: Help - Litchi

I read your referenced help menu and there is no setting for photo preview. The closest setting is photos and videos to UAV. On the app, it shows only videos to UAV

Either picture preview is not there or
It’s very well hidden.

Please clarify a little more.

It is only in the iOS app
Go to the Litchi settings while connected to the drone
Scroll down to the setting ‘Cache Photos’ and enable it
Then enable ‘Photo Preview’ setting

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Thanks for revised instructions. Was able to turn on Photo Preview and all the photos now go directly to iPhotos on my iPhone.

Will photo preview be available in Android as well?

Well that’s kinda annoying, every time I make a photo or a video I have to go to the DJI Fly app to preview it. Please fix ASAP!

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this actually really is a bummer, android user, need photo and video preview please.