How Long Does Litchi Take to Conjur Waypoint Magic from a new DJI SDK?

With the imminent release of the DJI Mini 3 SDK announced recently, I got to wondering how long Litchi’s code meisters would require to complete the process of adding the Mini 3 to their list of compatible DJI drones that are capable of completing waypoint missions even if the RC controller is turned off completely right after takeoff, as distinct from the watered-down signal-dependent “Virtual Sticks” waypoint facility available for most DJI Fly-based quadcopter models.

I recall reading somewhere that Litchi’s waypoint facility can be activated in a quick process akin to toggling a switch, for any DJI model whose SDK has been released. That rapid deployment contrasted with my presumption that any DJI release of a new SDK would be followed by feverish research conducted over an extended period of time under a veil of secrecy by teams of white-coated doctorate degree holders before at long last, the new Litchi offering would be announced to the assembled press corps.

Somewhere between these two divergent time frames lies the probable truth, so if any Litchi operatives happen to read posts in this forum now and then, I humbly request to be thrown a scrap of news about waypoints for the Mini 3 which I can contentedly gnaw on while we await DJI’s Mini 3 SDK release with baited breath.

Due to my understanding, DJI has totally changed the software architecture on upcoming MSDK V5. What implications that could be, noone knows until the MSDK specs are published. And to what degree you can reuse the code for MSDK V4 isn’t easy to assess as layman.

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