How fast is max speed?

I have a Phantom 3 Standard. DJI tells me its maximum speed is 16 meters a second, or 35 mph in the ATTI mode. How fast will it fly in a mission (F-mode) if the settings indicate a max speed of 16m/s?
Does a mission override speed limitations or will the speed be reduced because it needs the GPS coordinates? Just trying to set up the settings so I can get the most out of this “old” drone.
If not, what is the maximum speed for the F-mode, if anyone knows?

Unfortunately the specs only mention the max speed in ATTI mode (16m/s).
The Max speed during a waypoint mission equals the Max speed of the drone in Position Mode or Object Avoidance Mode when enabled.

The RTH speed of the P3P & P4P is 7m/s.
The Max speed of the P4P in Position Mode is 14m/s and 6m/s in Object Avoidance Mode.

Since the P3S has no Object avoidance its Max speed during a waypoint mission will be between 7m/s and 14m/s, never 16m/s.