How do I purchase Litchi?

I purchased the litchi app many years ago. Then, I was using the beta version. Now I am trying to use the latest version and it says I have to purchase.

When I go to the App Store for Apple, I can only download it. I can’t purchase the latest version.

Maybe I don’t understand your question., but…

When you go the the Apple App Store, what you download would be the latest version.


Yep confusing, I had to find the original tablet I used to purchase litchi, basically in the crApple world I had to find that apple store account… I used then. I still use crApples over Android’s. Keep asking questions and most important! Share what you found…


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I guess he can’t login, whats your thoughts?


You have to remove from Beta if you want to use the Public version.

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How do you get a beta version on apple it isn’t on my list?