How did Litchi fix the video feed issues of the pixel 6 and Samsung S22

This definitely feels like a cheeky question, but how did Litchi fix the video feed issues of the Pixel 6 and Samsung S22? Dronelink claims it has to wait for DJI to release the fix to the MSDK. But Litchi fixed the issue last year.

I don’t really see litchi and dronelink as true competitors, I use Litchi for videography, and dronelink for more utilitarian/automation work. I think it would be good for the drone community to share basic fixes like this, as Google and Samsung phones are quite popular.

It’s just really annoying only being able to use 1 of the 2 apps I rely on, since I upgraded to a pixel 6 after my old phone was starting to struggle to run drone apps.


Litchi is working on your Pixel 6?