How did DJI smooth out their Waypoint Missions for the M3?

Given the presumed limitations of Virtual Stick Commands (VSC) and the jerkiness that results from using the Fly App drones in general, HOW did DJI manage to smooth out their waypoint missions better than Litchi? Is this a SDK issue or can Litchi improve the smoothness like DJI did? Here is a LINK to a comparison of Litchi and DJI’s new waypoint mission mode.
[DJI versus Litchi Waypoint Missions]
(DJI Mavic 3 Waypoints vs DJI Air 2S Litchi Waypoints | DansTube.TV - YouTube)

The Mavic 3 has “on-board” waypoints. Litchi produces missions which are just as smooth as the Mavic 3 provided that the drone has on-board waypoints. So, this is not a comparison between DJI and Litchi. Instead, it is a comparison between on-board waypoints and virtual stick waypoints.


@wesbarris, thanks for responding. What I am trying to understand is how does a DJI Fly app drone like the M3 store missions? Can other Fly app drones do the same thing with a firmware update or is the hardware different in the M3? Does this mean that the drone will finish the mission even if the signal is lost? Does the drone use VSC when flying it’s missions or is there an optional setting? Thanks!

I do not have a Mavic 3 but I would expect that the missions are stored in an unspecified file format in a location within the file structure of what is loaded with DJI Fly on your phone/tablet.

This ability has only been enabled for the Mavic 3.

Yes. However, as in Litchi, there is an option in DJI Fly to alter that behavior.

No. The waypoint implementation in the Mavic 3 does not use Virtual Sticks. Instead, the mission is loaded to the drone so that it can be flown totally autonomously.


@wesbarris. Thanks again Wes, I appreciate your time and effort to help educate me! :smiley:

The Air 2S has about 8Gb onboard storage free, so my guess is the hardware was intended to support onboard missions. So I see some important questions for DJI:

  1. Will DJI make this valuable feature available to the Air 2 series, or will they make a marketing decision only to allow onboard missions for the 3-series and later?

  2. Will DJI release the developer APIs to third-party software houses such as Litchi and Dronelink?

These are important decisions for DJI. They will influence the attitude of their customer base. Given their tardiness in releasing the APIs for the Air 2S and the 3-series I think I know the answer to both questions.

I would love to be proved wrong.


Did you ask DJI about those important questions ?

Litchi and Dronelink have a much better chance of getting a reply from DJI than I do. I would be disappointed if they haven’t already talked to DJI.

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I’ll try it because there is no reason other drones undef Fly with a decent internal memory could not benefit of this feature.
As there is no reason DJI not releases a SDK including it since this is part of Fly app.

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