How are waypoints used

Hi, I’m using a DJI Mini2 with an iPhone.

A couple questions on how Litchi uses waypoints, and I apologize if I’m not using the correct terminology.

Does a mission get put into the drone memory? In other words, if I put in 10 waypoints, and run the mission, will the drone follow the mission based on the data without the need for further remote control reception? Or does Litchi basically create a script that feeds into the remote control so you still need continuous reception?


When you create a waypoint mission using Litchi Mission Hub, the mission is automatically copied to your mobile device when it is powered up near the desktop within Wifi range. Alternatively, you can create Litchi missions directly in the smart device, remembering of course to save the missions with names of your choice.

Now, when you go to launch the drone on such missions, the waypoint mission is first selected in the Litchi app, and then for older drones is copied to the drone’s internal memory in its entirety the instant you press the “play” icon on the screen, and before the drone departs on the journey. For these older DJI drones, the drone operator has the option to specify that the drone completes the mission if the signal is lost with the controller, OR that it should return to base in the event of any signal disconnect with the controller.

For newer drones, the mission waypoints are NOT copied to the drone’s memory at once but are sent from the controller to the drone in short segments as the drone flies. In the event that the drone travels out beyond the range of the controller’s signal, the drone will terminate the mission and return to home, PROVIDED THAT an RTH is the option you selected beforehand as the default response when signal is lost with the controller.

Older drones include the Phantom family, Mavic Pro1, Mavic Pro2, Mavic Air1, and a few others, while newer drones include most other DJI models. Litchi’s website has the complete list published for reference.

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