Home points and how to use them

I have heard of Dynamic Home points, what are they, and what other waypoints is there. How to set them up and use them?

Read about it in the user manual

I’m new here as well but will try to help a bit. From my understanding the dynamic home point follows the controller. If RTH connects during flight, then it will return to whereever the controller is. This would be very useful if you are moving with the controller as you fly.
Waypoints are waypoints…AFAIK.
Good luck with the flying.

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Behind the mobile phone on which litchi is installed. Not always the controller and the phone are the same.

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Everytime the cellphone moves 3 or 5 meters the HP is updated. Very usefull if are in a boat. Mine is allways on. I live in a dangerous place, so I am prepared to enter my car a drive away from thieves. The drone will follow me :wink:

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Now, this is what I call practical adaptation. Bad guys show up. The Drone pilot mounts his steed and gallops out of town, closely followed by his faithful drone.