Heading vs. Rotate Aircraft // Tilt Camera vs. Gimbalpitch - Difference?!

Heyy guys,
i wonder what the differences between “heading” and “rotate aircraft” as well as “tilt camera” and “gimbalpitch” is.

When changing the “heading” in degrees, the aircraft’s heading changes. But when i change the actiontype “rotate aircraft” nothing happens. What’s the difference here? I have the same problem when using the actiontype “tilt camera” and “gimbalpitch”. When i change “gimbalpitch”, the camera rotates. Whats difference to tilt camera?

Thanks in advance for your answers!!

There’s no difference between ‘heading’ and ‘rotate aircraft’, and there’s no difference between ‘gimbal pitch’ and ‘tilt camera’ other than ‘rotate aircraft’ and ‘tilt camera’ are waypoint actions which are ignored when ‘path mode’ is set to ‘curved turns’.

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