HDR won't switch off

I am just now getting started with Litchi, so it is possible I am missing something, but I can’t seem to turn the video capture to Normal instead of HDR. That menu box does not open up, but all the others do.

I am flying a DJI Mavic Air 2, using an Ipad Mini 2.

From the Litchi Help site.

Camera Settings

General camera settings as well as shooting modes (Single/HDR/Burst/AEB/Interval) can be adjusted after a tap on the camera settings icon under the shutter/record button.

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So I was poking at this issue some more - I noticed that the top selection option inside each submenu would not open - I thought it was perhaps a digitizer issue on the Ipad screen, but a test showed that it was working everywhere. Just as another test to orient the menu on a different part of the screen, I flipped it upside down - when the screen flipped, the menu opened fine. I am not sure where exactly the breakdown is, since the digitizer and the app both appear to work fine, just not in one particular orientation.