HDMI feed from Lightbridge 2 M600

Does anyone have a clue as to how I can get the Lightbridge 2 HDMI yo display onscreen in Litchi? I’ve tried to change the setting, doesn’t seem like it works. I’m running a CrystalSky with an M600 pro

The HDMI port on the Crystal Sky is for output only.
Page 3 in the User Manual.

I specifically said from the Lightbridge. Page 1 of this question. I did figure it out. Thanks anyway.

Am trying to achieve the same… Were you able to get a video feed to display in Litchi on CS?

Not on the CS. I ended up opting for the iPad Mini 6 to run Litchi. It worked there.

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OK I was able to get a HDMI feed from the M600 into Litchi on crystalsky after updating to Litchi 4.26.4

I also rooted my CS device, but I doubt this suddenly enabled the feed