I got a tutorial that was so perfect in explaining Waypoints Usage and I became very efficient in planning all my flights over 30 of them all successful. The tutor was one very experienced teacher named MONTANA MONK… The videos are clear and clean. Don’t jump after one lesson and go fly. Go over the videos, each time you go over there’s something that you missed the last time…Serious>>> All the errors that you are experiencing will go away and you will begin to do new things on your own…this is the youtube link…“”…Carlyle Houlder


I had the same good experience with his videos about three years ago.

This method (cruising speed set to zero) does NOT work with DJI Fly drones, only with the older DJI GO(4) drones.

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Thank you for your comments…Montana Monk’s experience is a great one…even though it does not conform to all drones, it’s a great template where you can now use your initative to improve on his tutor…what do you think?